World Champs Weekend!

Drennan Team England have been prac­tising hard in Slovenia in read­i­ness for the 62nd World Championship this weekend.

Drennan Team England await the starting hooter for Day 2 of the offi­cial prac­tice week along­side a stun­ning Slovenian backdrop.

The hugely tal­ented England squad con­sists of three former World Champions in the shape of Alan Scotthorne, Will Raison and Sean Ashby, plus former European Champion Steve Hemingray, the ever-consistent Des Shipp and rising inter­na­tional star Callum Dicks. Five of these anglers will be picked to fish Day One, with the two-day event decided on points. Both matches are four hours in dur­a­tion and fished to inter­na­tional rules, which includes strict bait allow­ances and a 13m max­imum pole limit.



There should be 35 nations com­peting on the banks of the impressive River Sava. This is Slovenia’s longest river and flows all the way from its source in the Julian Alps, through Croatia and then through Serbia during its 990km journey!

The match length is 80km from the cap­ital Ljubljana and has already played host to many other inter­na­tional events. The actual com­pet­i­tion length will be jointly held at the towns of Sevnica (sec­tions A and B) and Radeče (sec­tions C, D and E). These two towns are sev­eral kilo­metres apart, which could pose some dif­fi­culties when it comes to keeping everyone updated!

The river has depths from 2.5m to 8m with a steady flow con­trolled by two hydro­elec­tric sta­tions. The main spe­cies are vimba, nase, barbel and bleak but there are also carp, bream and roach amongst other spe­cies. We expect the pole to be the dom­inant tactic in this float-only event with round-bodied and lollipop-style flat floats required to deal with the flow. Feeding is typ­ic­ally done with an ini­tial bom­bard­ment of ground­bait with fur­ther top-ups of ground­bait or sticky mag and gravel reg­u­larly cupped or thrown in.

It prom­ises to be an excel­lent match with plenty of fish. Watch this space for fur­ther updates and good luck to all of the nations involved!

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I Love This Rod!”

Sascha Schmitz from Lindlar in Germany has been catching plenty of fish with his Drennan Series 7 Method Feeder rod.

Sascha has kindly sent in a number of excel­lent images of quality fish caught using the rod and Method Feeder tac­tics. His nice and blunt ver­dict is: “I love this rod!”

The ver­satile Series 7 Puddle Chucker Method Feeder is avail­able in 11ft and 12ft lengths and also as a dual-length 11ft/12ft Method Feeder Combo.

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Lochnaw Roach

Drennan’s Stewart Moss trav­elled up to Dumfries & Galloway in Scotland last week for a family hol­iday, and of course after all the usual day­time sight­seeing and beach activ­ities found time to do some fishing in the even­ings with his very enthu­si­astic children.

Stew’s biggest roach of the trip at 2lb 5oz.

Staying and fishing at the won­derful Lochnaw Castle Fishery, they were lucky to catch a number of lovely roach, topped by Stew’s 2lb 5oz example. Sadly, a much bigger fish was lost near the net when it man­aged to throw the hook with one last roll – blame being hotly dis­puted between Dad on the rod and the chil­dren on the landing net…

Most of the fish were caught using Drennan 8mm Method Boilies in Pineapple Punch or Tutti Frutti fla­vour, fished on a short braided hook­length, hair-rigged to a size 16 Wide Gape spade end hook.

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Drennan Oxford Win The Turner 400

Drennan Oxford (left to right): Gary Barclay, Martin Phipps, Carl Eland, Matt Herbert.

Drennan Oxford have won the annual Turner 400 Championship on the River Thames.

The exper­i­enced team of four man­aged an excel­lent 86-point total in the 27-team event, ahead of Turners on 72 points, to take the £600 top prize.

Gary Barclay was 2nd in his sec­tion on the Clanfield stretch with 8lb 9oz, Carl Eland won his sec­tion and was 5th overall at Rushey with 10lb 15oz, which included a nice tench, Martin Phipps was 7th in sec­tion with 6lb 9oz and Matt Herbert was 4th in sec­tion with 8lb 1oz of mostly small gudgeon on a whip.

The river looks top be in great form with plenty of small fish feeding for the start of tomorrow’s three-day Thames Festival.

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New Video: Using An AS3 Pole Rig

We have just uploaded a nice pole fishing video star­ring Alan Scotthorne and Peter Drennan.

Over the 17-minute film Alan explains how to get the best from an AS3 Pole Rig straight out of the packet with some really useful tips and tricks passed on to help you catch more fish.

Watch the video »

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Willsmore’s Top River Advice

Issue 3 of Pole Fishing Plus is now out.

It stars Drennan Team England’s Simon Willsmore and Matt Godfrey on the River Thames, plus Lee Kerry’s diary fresh from the World Club Champs with Drennan Barnsley.

For just £2.99 you get a 51-minute video and a 67-page digital magazine.

Visit to learn more.

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A Lifelong Fluorocarbon Fan

Brian Livesey from New York is now a lifelong fan of our Fluorocarbon Fly Leader after it helped him bank this impressive lake trout. 

An enthu­si­astic Brian told us: “You ser­i­ously pro­duce the best Fluorocarbon Leader out there. I had to send a mes­sage to let you know because I’ve been through a ton of leader brands and lost count­less amounts of fish.

“The lake trout was caught using your 5lb test leader and it’s clearly a large fish for this size. I’m guessing def­in­itely over 20lb… ser­i­ously amazing for 5lb test and in the cur­rent of the mighty Niagara river.

“I hon­estly muscled him in at the end and to my amazement, this leader didn’t break. It con­tinued to catch fish all day with no issue, even when nicked. Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing product. I’m a lifelong cus­tomer now. Cheers!”

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This Month’s Pole Fishing

The October edi­tion of Pole Fishing magazine has just hit the news­agent shelves and is well worth picking up. 

Alan Scotthorne con­tinues his enlight­ening Ask Alan question-and-answer series with a look at snaggy swims, plumbing up with a whip and spe­cial ground­bait addit­ives. Jon Arthur also lends some timely advice on fishing hard pel­lets and the import­ance of injecting some life into your hook baits. Also inside, former England youth inter­na­tional Ben Townsend explains why Supplex Fluorocarbon is his hook­length material of choice for hard-fighting barbel.

There is also a fant­astic Crystal Dibber Rigs com­pet­i­tion with 10 sets of these per­fectly tied pole floats up for grabs.

Visit to learn more.

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Roach On The Ribble

Tony Peet had a rewarding ses­sion on the Ribble just as this spate river was fining down after heavy rain. An excel­lent net of red­fins was his reward, as he explains:

“On my pre­vious outing for roach on this swim I had found the small fish very dif­fi­cult to avoid, even on caster or tares. With this in mind, I took some corn and also a couple of pints of pinkies, along with the normal caster, hemp and tares. I mixed some ground­bait and added some samples of hook bait. The pinkies are a good attractor and I hoped would keep the small stuff busy.

“After put­ting four good cricket-sized balls laced with bait in I tackled up. I ima­gined my first run down would get a bite, but nothing. The next half hour was spent searching the swim and chan­ging baits. The depth was changed, shot was changed but after an hour I only had half a dozen chub­lets and small dace. Then, the float buried and I had the gentle nod nod of a nice roach. I changed to corn and had another good fish, fol­lowed by a few more decent ones.”

Tony used an Acolyte Ultra 13ft matched with an Abu 506 closed face reel, loaded with Float Fish line to a size 20 hook and 0.08mm hooklength.

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The Best Natural Water Festival

The Evesham Angling Festival is one of the high­lights of Jon Arthur’s season. Here’s how he got on this year over three tough (and very wet) days.

Jon in action on Day One. Picture cour­tesy of Steve Martin Photography.

I love the buzz around the Evesham Festival, seeing the crowds, hearing the com­mentary over the tannoy and ming­ling with the top names. It’s also nice to have my family and friends come along to watch and hope­fully cheer me on. That includes a very sup­portive wife who sits behind me in all kinds of weather. She deserves a medal, espe­cially after all the rain we had!

Saturday was the big indi­vidual cham­pi­on­ship with £3,000 to the winner. 70 of us lined up to draw and I had a list of pegs I really wanted to be sat on. I would have taken any­where on the Crown Meadow other than dreaded Peg 3 (which I incid­ent­ally found myself on two years ago – so I don’t always draw flyers!) but pegs 1 and 2 and pegs 5 to 10 were the ones I really fan­cied for a day’s roach sport. I was about 15th in the queue and no decent pegs of any descrip­tion had come out by the time it got to my turn. I dipped my hand in the bag and out popped peg 6, quickly fol­lowed by a big groan from everyone and a few jealous mutters!

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